2010. január 21., csütörtök

Szereted nem szereted? (random munkák)

Ezt a bérelt kocsik belsejébe ragasztott, átlátszó és "pára-taszító" matricát tegnap találtuk ki kávészünetben. Gyorsan össze is dobtam egy layoutot. Vajon érthető?

Central Park és vizslák (érdekesség)

Mivel a sok túlórázás miatt össze-vissza alszom, egyik nap hajnalban elmentem sétállni a Central Park-ba (nem voltam még, sokkal nagyobb mint amire számítottam) és arra lettem figyelmes, hogy a rengeteg sétálltatott kutya között feltűnően sok magyar vizsla van. Amit ott is (megkérdeztem az egyik gazdát) rendesen "hungarian viszlanak" hívnak. Lehet, hogy ez a következő golden retriever divat? Szóval ki akar beszállni egy magyar vizsla tenyészetbe New Yorkban? Egy kutya párral indulunk aztán megpörgetjük őket és megyünk helikoptert venni…

2010. január 18., hétfő

Lehetőségek a következő (7.) negyedévre

Gondoltam megint berakom érdekeségképpen a helyeket ahova pályázhatunk a következő negyedévre. Nagyon hosszú a lista. Még nem tudom melyiket fogom megpróbálni, sok mindentől függ, de bekerült néhány nagyon jó lehetőség, például R/GA New York. Eddig próbáltam úgy válogatni, hogy minnél több területet ismerjek meg (és csak internship-eket ahol teljesértékű kreatívként dolgozom az ügynökségen). Duval nagyon erős tradicionális ügynökség (bár online területen is erősek, és azért van egy arany Cyber Lion-juk is), most pedig itt vagyok egy nagy interaktív hálozat a Sapient új központjában (bár itt is készül minden). Még két negyedévem van a jelenlegin felül és egy portfolió negyedévet is kell csinálnom (kötelező) valahol. Szóval ki mit választana a következőre, szívesen fogadok minden jó tanácsot :)

Base Schools:

Berlin- Up to 6 spaces for QA students. No portfolio class.

Brooklyn – No space limits to QA students. Portfolio class is available.

Hamburg – Limited to just 2 students for regular classes and 5 for the portfolio class.

Madrid – Must speak Spanish fluently to attend the Madrid School. No space limits.

Miami – No space limits to Quarter Away students. No space limits.

Minneapolis – Inexpensive student housing available above the school for QA students. No space limits.

San Francisco – No space limits to QA students.

Sao Paulo – Must speak fluent Portuguese to attend the Sao Paulo School. No space limits.


Amsterdam – Bureau Pindakaas: up to 14 students between the Greenhouse and the Portfolio Class.

Boston – Digitas: Up to 8 students

If it’s not the art, the sports mania, educational institutions or pure historical significance that attracts you, maybe it’s because it’s potentially the most civilized city in the United States. From lectures at MIT, to cafes in the South End, Boston is like a best kept secret and begging to be explored. It’s one of the smartest, toughest, prettiest cities around, and home to Digitas; the world’s largest digital agency.

Spending time at Digitas, you’ll be part of a team that puts digital at the center of everything we do. With major brands across almost every industry; from consumer packaging to travel; automotive to finance; you’ll sink your teeth into a wide variety of work, and gain experience in the ever expanding world of advertising in the digital space.

Experience MAS in Mass. Who knows, maybe you’ll even try the Lobster too.

Boulder – CPB: Up to 8 students

A Greenhouse quarter in this agency is backbreaking, sleep depriving and mind-blowing. It could change your creative life. Are you ready for that? Forget about the near-by ski runs and the fact that snowboards are stacked by the door. You may be an Air dog but the only Rodeo Flip you'll do is when the CD likes your idea. You know why? Because that CP+B CD has probably won more awards than any other creative on the planet. Don’t even think about coming here unless you are a sadomasochist, or very talented or very crazy. (Don’t miss it, if you get the chance to go.)

Buenos Aires – Furia: Up to 6 students


Chicago – Draft FCB: Up to 8 students
Draftfcb Chicago is the largest, fully integrated agency in Chicago and part of the world’s largest communications agency networks, IPG. Each team mirrors a junior level team working on actual client work while taking classes from industry veterans. Daytime classes taught by Draft employees. The two current night classes are taught by employees at Y & R.

Laguna Beach – Shove: 4 students
We are Shove. A interactive shop headed by Brig White, (former CPBer) and Taran Chadha (BBH, JWT and Rethink). We are both MAS graduates and have other MAS graduates on the team as well. Our main client is an emerging social media platform who will compete with brands like Tweetdeck and Seesmic as well as desktop clients like Quicksilver and Google Desktop. In the next few months we will be developing explosive viral campaigns promoting free downloads. You will also be producing work for potential clients like Quicksilver, Skull Candy, and Volcom. We have a great team of 15 full time programmers and an ample budget at our disposal.

Our client was mainly attracted to us by a personal project that ran for three weeks earlier this year. It was called Shoot the Banker. You could control a real robotic paintball gun over a live streaming camera and shoot a banker (real actor) every day from 9-5.

London – Iris: Up to 8 students

London – Ogilvy: Up to 6 students
creative department.
Due to immigration restrictions at the agency, this Greenhouse is available only to students born in one of the countries that are part of the European Union. At the agency, you will have the opportunity to work on various accounts including Coca Cola, Dove, Amex, MTV and Ford.

New York – People Ideas and Culture: Up to 8 students

Madrid – Lola: Up to 4 students

Paris – Ogilvy: Up to 8 students

Stockholm – Saatchi: Up to 8 students

Portfolio Class:
Our portfolio class is available at each base school. Hamburg is limited to 5 students for the spring quarter from other Base schools. Hamburg is an excellent destination for the portfolio class if you want to find a job in Europe after graduation. If you are going to look for a job in the US, then another destination may be a better fit for your portfolio class. In addition to our base schools, you can take your portfolio class at Bureau Pindakaas in Amsterdam or CPB in Boulder. You must apply as teams for the Boulder Portfolio class. The best two teams will be chosen to work on their portfolios in Boulder. It is not really a class at all. You and your partner will be paired up with two CPB mentors who will work with you on your book and can meet with you on an as needed basis throughout the week. (awaiting word on this and the Greenhouse still)

When applying for an internship, you can apply with a partner or you can apply by yourself. We usually have enough applicants for most of the internships in NYC and San Francisco, so you don’t need a partner to apply to those but you can apply with a partner if you’d like too. Due to fewer applicants outside of those two cities, it may be best to apply with a partner if they are requesting a team. Whenever it says one team, it means one art director and one copywriter.

Boston – Sapient: 2 Art Directors

Boulder – CPB: 1 Team. Apply as Partners Only
We’re a factory; a factory that makes advertising and branded creative content. But there is no assembly line. All the work is custom designed and assembled by hand. We don’t have the luxury of knowing the product we build today will be exactly like the product we built yesterday. To be successful, we have to approach every single day like it will be our defining moment, because that’s the reality.
From Creativity Magazine: In the modern age of advertising, CP+B, love it or hate it (and the agency is unrivalled in the amount and intensity of antipathy it arouses) came to represent the New Ad Agency, the idea-centric, media-inclusive, integrated creative factory whose brand campaigns feed from and create popular culture. The agency has long been recognized for incorporating media into its creative thinking and solutions and for embracing digital.


Budapest – DDB: 1 AD or 1 CW
DDB Budapest is Hungary’s most awarded agency, locally and internationally. Which got them the title of agency of the year in 2009 in Hungary. Internationally their work won at the Epica, Art Directors Club NY, NYC festival and Eurobest, and a national diploma at Cannes Lions 2009.

If you aren’t afraid of office dogs and can rock an instrument for DDBand (not a must) than DDB Budapest is your place.


Chicago – Lapiz: I team with a Bilingual Copy Writer

Chicago – McGarry Bowen: 1 Team
McGarry Bowen was founded in 2002. Up until 2008 it was ranked as the largest independent advertising agency in New York and 11th in the U.S. (another internship available in NYC too)

Chicago – Young and Rubicam: 1 or 2 Teams
The world's largest advertising agency, founded 1923 by Raymond Rubicam and John Orr Young. (A subsidiary of
WPP Group since 2000.)

Hamburg – JVM: 2 Teams
JvM is a very cool Creative Agency; Germany’s equivalent to Goodby or CP+B. Students work on new business pitches as well as clients such as Mercedes Benz.

Hamburg – Scholz and Friends: 1 Team
A very creative agency and are always one of the top 5 agencies in Germany. They just won the very large Vodafone account.

Los Angeles – Team One: 1 Team
Once upon a time we were eight people inside a conference room with a piece of paper stuck to the door with the handwritten words “Team One” written in a Sharpie marker. Today we are 300 Idea Creators strong. We’ve deftly moved from the conference room. And we are now happy to be recognized as the creative boutique within the larger agency network of Saatchi & Saatchi, a member of the Publicis Groupe SA.

Manchester England – Iris: I Team.

Miami – Iris: 1 team with a Bilingual Copy Writer

Miami – Sapient: 3 Art Directors and 1 Copy Writer
Sapient Interactive is one of the largest and most innovative interactive agencies in the world. Sapient Interactive provides brand and marketing strategy, award-winning creative work, web design and development and emerging media expertise. Sapient Interactive services clients such as Coca Cola, Honda Jet and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Sapient has a new office space in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road. For more information, please visit

Moscow – Saatchi: 1 Team
Saatchi & Saatchi Russia is part of the Saatchi & Saatchi network, one of the most iconic and awarded networks in the world.
On March 18, 2009, Roberto Pedroso and Ludmila Bausheva joined an already strong SS creative team. Roberto, a native Venezuelan, has spent the last 15 years working in New York, 7 of which were at S&S NY as Creative Director for the P&G US and Latin American markets. He heard Moscow bars make a mean Caipirinha.
Ludmila Bausheva is one of Russia’s most respected copywriters, having started her career at S&S Russia. She’s held Creative Director positions at both BBDO and Instinct. She’s heard Roberto makes a mean Caipirinha.

Munich – Service Plan: 1 Team
The Munich office houses the headquarters of SERVICEPLAN Group, which was established there in 1970 as a traditional advertising agency. In 2001, SERVICEPLAN moved to the "House of Communication", which it built itself - thereby laying the foundation for the first agency for integrated communication in Germany. Service Plan is the biggest privately owned ad agency in Germany and they recently won many Lions in Cannes.

Munich – Heye/DDB: 1 Team
Heye is an advertising agency for integrated brand communication. We are part of the Heye Group and members of the international agency network DDB Worldwide Communications Group. Over 300 people work at our offices in Munich, Hamburg, and Vienna. We’ve been one of Germany’s most successful creative agencies for many years and are among the 20 biggest agencies in the country by revenue. The German head of DDB Germany just got voted as the best CCO worldwide from the "big won" journal. This is also an opportunity for students to work on the McDonalds account.

New York – Global Hue:
1 Team
Global Hue is the nation’s largest minority-owned, full-service marketing communications agency dedicated to multicultural consumers. In fact, it’s the #1 African American agency, the #1 Hispanic Agency, among the top 10 Asian American agencies in the nation, and the 7th largest independent agency in the US.

New York – Grey: 1 Team
Of all the agencies talking about reinvention, Grey is one of the few that’s living up to it. They fathered the E-Trade baby, made Ellen DeGeneres the latest Cover Girl, and created the astoundingly viral “Reverse Race” poster for Obama. Twelve consecutive new business wins in 2009 (including the NFL, Ketel One, Don Julio and TJ Maxx) is proof of their changing work and client roster. And their architecturally breakthrough new office-space in NY’s Flat Iron district has further helped this iconic agency’s revival. Check ‘em out at :

New York – Nickelodeon/MTV: 1 Team
Nick Advertising - We’re the in-house agency for Nickelodeon Networks. We’re made up largely of ex ad folks. The CD, Pete Johnson, is the former On Air Creative Director at Cartoon Network and most recently was Group Creative Director for Tony Granger (and then Gerry Graf) at Saatchi & Saatchi.

New York – Saatchi: 1 Team
Saatchi’s New York office is the largest agency in the 150-office Saatchi & Saatchi global network, part of Publicis Groupe, the world’s fourth largest communications group.
The Saatchi internship is a great opportunity for students to work with Gerry Graf. Gerry came to Saatchi in Feb 2008 from TBWA/Chiat Day NY. Gerry was the ECD on the award winning Combos, Skittles, Starburst and Snickers work out of Chiat.
He's a great writer. He did an interview with “I have an Idea“ while still at Chiat. Read the article below. It gives you good insight into Gerry and what he’s about.

New York – Sapient Nitro: 1 Team
Sapient Nitro is a global communications network that spans seven offices around the world. Sapient Nitro facilitates measurable business growth for leading clients including Mars, Volvo, Nike, Footlocker and ConAgra through a results-oriented approach that combines communications with business strategy, digital innovation and branded entertainment. Sapient Nitro’s recent “Best Job in the World” campaign for the Queensland Tourist Commission won Best of Show at The One Show. Headquartered in New York, Sapient Nitro operates across North America, Europe, Australia and China. For more information, please visit


New York – Vidal: 1 Team
Our mission is to be the most effective Hispanic communications agency in the U.S. dedicated to our core business and our clients' success by delivering unmatched market insight, innovation and flawless execution across a broad range of communications disciplines.
Although Vidal has hosted many students from our Madrid school, they would be very interested in also seeing Hispanic student’s work from Latin America too.

New York – Young and Rubicam: 1 Team
The world's largest advertising agency, founded 1923 by Raymond Rubicam and John Orr Young. (A subsidiary of
WPP Group since 2000.)

New York – RGA:
Digital Agency of the Decade - We specialize in award-winning creative for digital, mobile, retail, and out-of- home experiences, and complex technology development and solutions.

New York – McGarry Bowen: 1 Graphic Designer (or an Art Director willing to work w/out a partner)
McGarry Bowen was founded in 2002. Up until 2008 it was ranked as the largest independent advertising agency in New York and 11th in the U.S. (another internship available in NYC too)

Prague – Ogilvy: 1 Team

San Francisco – EVB: 1 Team
EVB is a full-service, San Francisco-based marketing agency that specializes in advertising, social media and digital content.


San Fran – Publicis/Hal Riney: 1 Team

Publicis Hal Riney will looks at books for winter quarter, but they are not committing to taking interns so if they like your work enough, it may happen but I cannot guarantee anything with them.


San Francisco – Publicis Modem: 1 Team
Publicis Modem is the leading multi-channel digital experience agency.
Working across the full array of digital and direct channels, our mission is to ignite brands across the marketing landscape, through experiences that empower people to share, connect, and interact. The outcome: deeper relationships, value-enhancing behaviors, and bottom-line results.


San Francisco – Bamboudesign: 1 AD/Designer
Bamboudesign is a privately funded startup, founded by an Adobe-veteran in 2008, with an office in San Francisco, California. The company offers next generation mobile application design and development solutions for smartphones. We build high-end and graphically rich applications for brand businesses and the entertainment industry. Bamboudesign sponsors and organizes monthly network events centered around iPhone innovation, through their iPhone Network Lounge community of nearly 150 local members. The company is the evangelist and an Authorized Training Partner for Ansca’s mobile authoring software Corona.

San Francisco – Brothers by Choice: - 1AD/Designer
We are a multidisciplinary advertising agency that creates holistic, premium creative solutions for our clients. Founded in 2007, we’ve provided unique solutions to a wide range of clients from shooting films, to the creation of web sites and brand identity, to launching integrated advertising campaigns. We love what we do, and offer an open, collaborative environment that is process driven and tactically solves problems for our clients based on their needs.
Services include integrated advertising, web design and development, mobile phone application development, film, TV and motion graphics.

Sao Paulo – Ogilvy: 2 Teams
This winter, you will get an opportunity to work on a Coke World Cup Campaign for the US market. This campaign is great for Hispanic students applying for the internship. Students here are treated like a midlevel team and the more you produce, the more work you will receive.
Here is the intern’s blog going back 4 quarters

This is a video we made that talks about the great opportunities here

Also, one of the students wrote a small guide for future students. (ask Carolyn for it, if interested in Sao Paulo)

Singapore – Iris: 1 team
Since we started in 1999 it’s been a very simple formula. Offer clients and agency folk a clear point of difference to the big, slow, bureaucratic networks. Throw out the red tape, the big offices, long lunches and the fat-cat parent companies.
Instead, attract brilliant and motivated people from all over the world. Offer them careers rather than jobs. Blend in great clients like Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, Shell, Adidas and Brown Forman. Work closely and collaboratively with them. Add maximum value through cutting edge insight and deliver great results.

Sydney – Iris: 1 Team
Since we started in 1999 it’s been a very simple formula. Offer clients and agency folk a clear point of difference to the big, slow, bureaucratic networks. Throw out the red tape, the big offices, long lunches and the fat-cat parent companies.
Instead, attract brilliant and motivated people from all over the world. Offer them careers rather than jobs. Blend in great clients like Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, Shell, Adidas and Brown Forman. Work closely and collaboratively with them. Add maximum value through cutting edge insight and deliver great results.
Whew – the end.